#1 Anti-aging remedy is to Stay out of the Sun

stay out of the sun

When I say stay out of the Sun, I don’t mean don’t get your vitamins and minerals from the Sun and don’t get your daily sunshine because I actually love getting my daily sunshine it’s really important to me.

90% of skin aging is from the sun

What I’m talking about what I’m talking about is when it’s funny and when it’s summertime you go outside and you’re sunbathing and you’re throwing on the baby oil, or the suntan lotion that’s what I’m talking about so I definitely don’t go in the Sun to sunbathe or to change the color of my skin.

I’ve kind of come to terms with the fact that I am you know challenged in the area of having a tan I don’t have tan skin and I’m okay with that although I think tan skin is beautiful, but I leave that to the people actually have that naturally and I’ve just come to accept that

When I was younger you know my teens and early 20’s I might have thought that was cool but I pretty much tan as a son since my early 20’s I started getting sort of in the mindset of really wanting to salvage my skin and what I do have as I get older, yeah, so it’s really helped I think that I probably could have a lot more wrinkles if I didn’t stay out of the Sun.

#2 Leaving your sunglasses at home

squintingStore a pair of sunglasses in every bag you own according to our conversation with Dr.Christian Subió a board-certifie dplastic surgeon, constant squinting on sunny days can lead to major wrinkles he said you might be surprised to find that not wearing sunglasses could be aging you this is especially true during the summer and during winter snows which can reflect high levels of sunlight leading to increased squinting this repetitive squinting reinforces the crow’s feet which are the small lines flying out from the sides of the eyes failing to wear sunglasses could mean more frequent trips to your plastic surgeon for neurotoxin injections.

#3 Drink a lot of water

drink lots of water

It’s really important to stay hydrated, this I can’t mention and I can’t stress enough, how important it is to drink enough water.

You know they say eight glasses a day is good but you know drink as much as you absolutely can and I pretty much only drink coffee of water and lately because I’ve been so busy I sometimes forget to drink water and I see it in my skin.

I actually was talking about the wrinkle in the middle of the forehead in one of my other videos and how I don’t get Botox but I actually sometimes see it coming back when you know I’m not drinking a lot of water and I’m dehydrated.

So that’s my second tip.

#4 Get enough Rest

Get enough Rest

My forth tip is to get enough rest, you definitely want to get enough rest and get your sleep.

Use a sleep timer use a Fitbit whatever it is you need, but definitely look at your the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up and I aim for seven to eight hours of sleep and that really keeps my bags under my eyes at bay still need a little concealer but it does keep the bags at bay and it really helps with my mood and my overall productivity.

So I make sure that I get enough rest and sometimes it’s not just sleep sometimes it’s actually like mental rest, I make sure that I get away by myself to do some self-care time every usually four times a week I’ll go to the gym or all exercise outside or I’ll work out or I’ll just sit in my car or take a nice bath I definitely get my rest and not just physical rest sometimes mental rest is in that category.

#5 Always wash your face

Always wash your face

So if you’re young and you’re below the age of like I’d say thirty, you want to make sure you’re definitely starting with this especially and if you’re over three no problem – but a lot of times we get so busy that we forget to wash our face it sounds so simple but definitely wash your face at night get all that makeup off.

Use use a toner I use my witch hazel you know, put some moisturizer on I use a whole oil, definitely take care of your skin at night before you go to bed.

So that you’re giving your skin that time to breathe, while you’re sleeping.

#6 Don’t drink Alcohol

Don’t drink Alcohol

I know that a lot of us like to have you know that glass of wine and we like to drink, but I’ll be honest, I just don’t do it I have a husband that doesn’t really drink so I don’t really drink it kind of not fun if you don’t have someone else to drink with.

So I kind of stay away from and I’m really grateful that I do because it does dehydrate your body a lot of times and unless you’re doing it you know once in a while I’d say, typically just kind of stay away from it.

It does it does age quite drastically believe it or not and it will age you and unless you’re having it in moderation and you’re doing it once in a while, have at it.

But if you want to look young and you want to have that anti-aging theme going on then I’d say stay away from alcohol.

#7 Don’t smoke

Don’t smoke

It’s  so obvious but and I’m seeing less and less of it in this generation but do not smoke, is my number six tip.

I can’t tell you how many people who smoke and wonder why they look older than they should.

My mother at my age, was, I’d say at least she looked a lot about 10 or 15 years older.

So I look the age my mother looked in her teens and early 20s, just saying, she and he died of lung cancer, she was a smoker.

I will never smoke I just think it’s the most horrendous thing for your body, I don’t judge people who do, but I don’t do it and it’s really it’s really a killer and if it doesn’t kill you it’s going to aid you so I will get on soapbox about that.

#8 Manage your stress

manage your stress

A lot of people talk about creams and lotions and serums and they don’t talk about what’s actually going on internally and what I have found, with staying young and saying vibrant is to learn to manage my stress.

A lot of it has to do is making sure that I’m getting my self-care time which a lot of times is meditation taking time ou,t writing my thoughts down, using a journal and making sure that I do a lot of writing things down that’s how I manage my stress, but really learning how to manage your stress and breathe and get through difficult times because you really want to make sure that stress doesn’t play a role in aiding you early.

So those are my tips, I hope you found them informative and useful, please do leave a comment below if you have some other natural life hacks to prevent early aging skin problems.

#9 Stay away from Tanning Beds

tannin bedWe all know the Sun isn’t your skin’s friend with that in mind don’t ever go to tanning salon, even the Center for Disease Control and Prevention points to the very real risk that indoor tanning poses, including increased risk for skin cancer, premature skin aging and changes in skin texture.

#10 Don’t Sleep on Your Face

sleeping on your faceSleep wrinkles are real and can be permanent, sure sleeping on your face for a night after a bender won’t create permanent lines, but if you sleep on your face night after night year after year, then those sleep wrinkles will eventually stay there permanently.

The good news is there’s a solution just sleep on your back or side and if you have to smoosh your face against a pillow all night try a satin or silk pillowcase.

#11 Staring at your Phone

staring at your phoneStaring at your phone ever heard of tech neck chances are you will soon board-certified dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlesinger, told me about the phenomena which happens when you constantly look down at your phone laptop or tablet.

The forward tilt of your head results in the combination of a loss of neck firmness, physical strain and premature wrinkling of the skin, along the front of your neck the solution is simple says Dr. Joel Schlesinger hold your phone or device higher when you look at it try to hold your head in a neutral position whenever possible and limit the time you spend on your devices if you’re working on a laptop sit at a desk and place the monitor.

#12 Poor Diet

junk foodsWhat you eat can significantly impact your looks.

Junk food and alcohol denies your body the key nutrients it needs to function at full capacity but the damage doesn’t stop there.

Dr. Schlesinger explains a poor diet specifically one that is high in sugar can affect your skin from the inside out. Sugar molecules attached to collagen and elastin proteins in the skin through a process called glycation this process produces advanced glycosylation in products or AG eats for short AG ESR free radicals that lead to inflammation breaking down collagen and elastin in the skin.