First of all, what is cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition that is defined by a dimpling, puckering or “orange peel” look of the skin that is most frequently seen on the butt and thighs of woman. Cellulite is seen in locations where fat is generally dispersed beneath the skin.

There are a couple of correct medical terms for cellulite, such as, Dermopanniculosis Deformans, Adiposis Edematosa, Status Protrusus Cutis and Gynoid Lipodystrophy.

Who gets cellulite?

Around 85% to 98% of fully grown women have some degree of cellulite and although the condition is safe, it in some cases creates cosmetic issues.

Do men suffer from cellulite?

Only men with a shortage of the male hormone testosterone may suffer for cellulite. Men naturally produce less cellulite since Testosterone actually reduce cellulite by breaking down the fat cells, due to the fact that they have less alpha receptors and more beta receptors– and due to the fact that their septae pull to the side, so you do not see dimples from the cellulite they do have.

However there are some case where men with normal testosterone levels can still get cellulite and these are if they suffer from Klinefelter’s ( syndrome A genetic condition in which a male is born with an extra copy of the X chromosome.), hypogonadism (a reduction or absence of hormone secretion of the testes) or those taking estrogen treatment for prostate cancer, these conditions put them more at risk of establishing cellulite.

Only over the last 30 to 40 years has cellulite become a major problem, resulting in more and more woman looking for treatment to reduce their cellulite.

Cellulite was very rare in the mid 20th century as cellulite was not a typical condition in woman around this time.

How to reduce your cellulite

Let us first look at how and why cellulite forms around the thighs and butt area, this will make it easier for us to understand how to reduce cellulite, or even prevent it.

As with most medical conditions, prevention is better than cure, but that is easier said than done!

If you already have cellulite, the best way to reduce it, is as you would have though, diet and exercise. Normally those who do not watch what they eat and don’t get regular workouts will no doubt end up with cellulite build up in the lower parts of their body, namely thighs and hips.

When do woman most likely get cellulite?

Woman normally start getting cellulite in their late twenties because this is when, that’s when woman have lower estrogen production, which in turn reduces the blood flow in the legs, thighs and butt, which leads to less collagen in those locations.

This is when fat cells tend to be bigger and the larger fat cells are able to pass through the natural layer of collagen and show up as cellulite.

Some doctors maintain that the mix of unhealthy diet plans, little or no physical exercise, and underwear which is too tight have all added to the skyrocketing rates of cellulite in ladies over the last 50 years.

So the best way to control your cellulite is health eating routine and lots a physical excessive, this will definable help you control cellulite build up in those areas.

Cellulite Treatments that Work

It is not possible to reduce and remove cellulite permanently, without constant exercise and good eating plan, unfortunately, it will return as soon as you stop exercising and start eating the wrong foods.

Cellulite Treatment options:

— Cellulite removal creams for cellulite

— Cellulite tablets and cellulite supplements

— Making use of caffeine for cellulite treatment

— Mesotherapy for cellulite

— Laser treatments for cellulite

— Surgical treatment to eliminate cellulite

— Other cellulite devices

— Natural cellulite treatments

Is  Cellulite and Cellulitis the same condition?

Cellulitis is not the same as cellulite. Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection, which is treated with prescription antibiotics.

Is it Possible to reduce Cellulite Quickly?

The main searches made in Google to reduce cellulite are:fastest method to lose cellulite,” “fastest method to eliminate cellulite,” “how to eliminate cellulite on my legs quickly” and “how to eliminate cellulite on my thighs quickly.”

The problem is most people are looking for a wonder cure for cellulite.  Cellulite is fat, which does not simply vanish over night. You can’t simply take a supplement or rub on cream to reduce cellulite, the same as you would to help with sunburn.

The only genuine method to decrease cellulite quickly is through costly cellulite removal treatments which actually remove the fat from the body.

What you typically can do with a quality cellulite cream such as AesthetiLogica Anti Cellulite Cream is lower the unsightly look of cellulite on your thighs or other locations.

Lets take a look at what you can do to reduce cellulite

Physical Exercise to Lower Cellulite

What is the best method to get rid of cellulite?

The objective of workouts to get rid of cellulite on butts and thighs is to provide an exercise which will work all muscle groups in the lower part of your body.

A few of the very best cellulite exercisers are:


All-fours kickbacks

Lying inner-leg lifts

Side and squat lifts

V-leg Pulls and one-legged lunges

Resistance Weight Training to Lower Cellulite

Resistance weightlifting is another method you can work out to minimize cellulite. Squats and lunges are methods of eliminating cellulite on thighs and bottom, while leg curls and leg presses benefit eliminating cellulite on legs.

Exercise sessions of 3 times a week are a great way to remove  cellulite completely, together with healthy diet plan.

There’s another element associated with avoiding cellulite gain or cellulite removal on thighs which is: Blood circulation.

And massage is great for this, and is often considered a good treatment for cellulite removal on thighs.

The most effective method to increase blood circulation, however, is with cardio workouts, use in conjunction with high-impact workout or weightlifting.

Cellulite Decrease Diet Plan?

Is there such a thing as a cellulite decrease diet plan?

Not necessarily, but if you do come across a cellulite specif diet plan, best make sure it is from a trust worthy source.

Anti Cellulite Creams

As you may well think, there are a lot of people searching for terms such as “finest cream for cellulite and stretch marks,” “cellulite creams that actually work,” “finest anti-cellulite creams,” and (whatever this implies) “it works cellulite cream.”

Do Cellulite Creams Even Work?

The response is more complex than simply “yes” or “no.”.

The Role of Retinol in Cellulite Creams

There are a couple of creams which are amongst the very best products for cellulite. They all contain retinol, such as Revitol cellulite cream. Evaluations by unbiased medical professionals say that using 0.3 percent retinol cream can lower the appearance of cellulite, and the key word there is “appearance.” Even a great cellulite cream is not what gets rid of cellulite.

What retinol cream does, is increase the amount of collagen in the skin, making the skin more elastic and about 2 millimeters thicker, so cellulite isn’t as apparent.

When people say that a retinol item is the best anti-cellulite cream, that’s because it looks like the cellulite has gone away; it’s the same thing for anything called the best anti-cellulite oil.

The Role of L-Carnitine in Cellulite Creams

A variety of anti-cellulite creams consist of L-Carnitine, a crucial part in the fat-burning procedure. This leads many to believe that these products are the very best cellulite treatment cream; reviews typically call L-Carnitine as a miracle active ingredient.

Nevertheless, physicians say the body makes plenty of the compound by itself, and there are no research studies showing that a cream with L-Carninine is the very best item for cellulite.

It’s the very same for other “finest cellulite treatments” including vitamins, antioxidants, or herbal extracts; there’s no solid proof they’re how to eliminate cellulite.

That does bring us to another subject, though: anti-cellulite cream evaluations. Lots of sites declare to have truthful evaluations, with glowing write-ups about the “premier cellulite cream,” the “finest lotions for cellulite” or the “finest cellulite scrub.”

Caffeine for Cellulite

We’ve informed you that you should eat healthy, workout regularly, give up smoking, but when it comes to coffee and caffeine these fall under a different category.

Caffeine creams for cellulite (or caffeine lotion for cellulite) does the same  as retinol creams. It briefly tightens up the skin by shrinking some fat cells while increasing flow, and is a typical active ingredient in the best cellulite treatments.

There are likewise those who merely apply coffee directly to their skin, thinking this will reduce cellulite on their thighs and butts or legs. However there’s no medical proof that rubbing coffee on yourself will reduce the cellulite.

Lasers and Machines to Cure Cellulite

It’s time to get high-tech and ask the question: “Do cellulite treatments actually work when carried out by a doctor?”

Among the most efficient laser cellulite treatments is an FDA-approved treatment referred to as Cellulaze, which cuts the septae that trigger skin dimpling and then melts the fat below your skin. This cellulite removal laser treatment then warms the skin to motivate the development of brand-new collagen and elastin.

Laser Cellulite Treatments

Lots of who’ve gotten laser cellulite treatments rave about the results (although they need to wear tight shorts for a number of weeks after laser treatment for cellulite, and are bruised for a couple of weeks). They start to see improvements around a month and see significant improvements within 6 months.

How drastic is the enhancement with cellulite treatment by laser?

Reports state it has to do with 50% for those with moderate cellulite, less for those with “intense” cellulite problems (who might require a second treatment or perhaps liposuction to shape the remainder of the area).

Prepared for the price shock? Laser cellulite removal expense for a Cellulaze session chooses a minimum of R30 000. Nevertheless, for ladies who agonize daily over how to get rid of cellulite in legs or butt areas, laser for cellulite treatment might be worth the cost.

Some doctors use machines that produce radio waves to breakdown cellulite other use high intensity sound waves to achieve the same results.

Here at Aesthetilogica we make use of state of the art cellulite removal equipment called Cellu-Reduction Injector  by injecting product just under the skin through 9 fine needels.

AesthetiLogica Anti Cellulite Cream

Cellulite Removal Surgery

There are some doggy “cellulite removal surgery” treatments that include injecting of fat to “to reduce the dimpling effect on the skin” (which, if done incorrectly can cause exceptionally uneven skin) and cellulite liposuction (a mistake due to the fact that liposuction is only effective on body fat, not cellulose).

Another surgical warning: some doctors will perform cellulite treatments called mesotherapy, which include injecting a batch of vitamins, minerals, hormones and other compounds under the skin. That’s defiantly, not how to rid cellulite from your body if you care about your health; it in some cases will bring about a small decline in cellulite but can trigger swelling, rashes, infection, infection and rough looking skin.