Anti-Aging face mask recipe

This is a really easy face mask, which only requires a couple of ingredients, plus it is 100% natural as well and it’s really really effective.

This mask recipe was handed down to me from my mother, who is now 57 years old, and she doesn’t have any really prominent wrinkles and she has never ever used a single Anti-Aging Serum or Anti-Aging cream or any Anti-Aging products. My mom has been using this treatment for many years and this just shows how well it works.


The main ingredient is ripe bananas (the riper the better). The reason why the bananas are so effective on your skin, Is taht they not only contain antioxidants, but they are also packed with vitamins plus certain properties that not only prevent wrinkles but help to reduce fine Lines as well, and not to mention bananas boost collagen production, which is what we looking for, this improves our skins elasticity, which gives a youthful radiant and healthy hydrated look.

This natural ingredient face mask is great for any age, so I encourage everyone to try it out.

It’s perfect for mature skin, as well as oily, dry or sensitive skin.

The banana hydrates dry skin but it also controls the oils naturally produced by your skin so it should not cause any breakouts, but as with trying any new product whether it is shop bought or natural on your skin for the first time always test on a small area first.

The recipe

Peel one ripe banana

The using a butter knife, scrape the inside of the skin so that you have a little on the knife and place this in a saucer
anti aging face mask banana

Then cut off a piece of the ripe banana (so the better is going to work on your skin and the soft your skin will be after the treatment) about an inch thick and mash this together with the scraping which you made from the inside of the banana skin

banana scraping

banana face mask

And then take about a half a teaspoon of natural raw honey, make sure it is 100% organic and mix this with the mashed banana.

banana and honey

Then add a teaspoon of plain yoghurt, I use full fat yoghurt

banana and yogurt

And lastly a little bit of turmeric to add some colour. Using an it won’t stay in your skin

Wash your face with some gentle face soap and clean water.

You can also is exfoliate before applying the mask but this is not critical

Now take some of The Mask on your finger tips and apply gently to your forehead around your eyes, cheekbones Chin and jawline.

We need to apply quite a generous layer so don’t be shy with the amount of the mask you are replying to your face

Try to apply more in the areas where you have wrinkles or Fine Lines, for me that’s around my eyes and my forehead

So once you apply the mask your face, wait 10 minutes

Then wash with clean, lukewarm water, dab your face dry with a soft towel.

And thats it, you will notice how smooth and hydrated your skin is after the mask has been washed off.