Radio Frequency Anti-aging

Ultrasonic Radio Frequency Technology

Mini Comby RF System uses a range of ultrasound (30 to 45KHz) in a continuous or pulsed mode emitted from the end of a cannula of a thickness of 2mm and long 140 / 160mm.   The intradermal cavitation effect emulsifies the fat that once made fluid is metabolized naturally and partially removed by syringe.   Mini Comby RF System, also has two transdermal handpieces, suitable to refine, if necessary, the result obtained.   ECO SCAN DETECTOR The system detects and quantizes the Sonic absorption; for which according to the detected parameters, it modulates the frequency and power.   RF CONNECTOR The connection system to a radio frequency source (optional) with emission of radio waves by the same cannula used for ultrasound.  


The ECO SCAN DETECTOR system allows it to act optimally in both the fibrous structure of the fat as in the most superficial layers of the subcutaneous fat, without interfering with the vascular and lymphatic system.

  • The RF CONNECTOR allows you to get a great “lifting effect” of the treated skin area, combating flaccidity caused by loss of volume;
  • The treatment is done under local anesthesia;
  • The patient is able to resume normal daily activities immediately;
  • The machine is easily transportable.

One Session

The technique involves essentially three phases.

  • Infiltration of Klein tumescent solution via cannula 2mm
  • Cavitation effect through micro-cannulas 2mm (fat emulsion)
  • Fat Intake emulsified via cannula 3mm