(Electric Muscle Stimulator)

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Our Faradic Machine is a Health Technologies Professional Series EMS Model 30P. Faradics is electromuscular stimulation by placing pads directly over specific muscle groups. The low frequency milli-amperage alternating current is delivered in a series of short pulses of a few milliseconds causes visible muscle contractions.

This Faradics program tones and improves musculature with the added advantage of blood flow stimulation and weight loss.

Your needs are met with precision by varying the current intensity, pulse length and rest period between muscle contractions which stimulates the effects of isometric exercises.

Typically a 20 minute pad application on your stomach is the equivalent of 250 to 300 proper/perfect sit-ups.

Of note is also the usefulness for facial as well as body firming. However, there is no cardiovascular component to this treatment which can be useful amongst cardiac sufferers