Here are six useful exercises designed to tighten the muscles and reduce the thighs and buttocks and aid in cellulite treatment.

Exercise 1

Lie on your right side and lean on your forearm lift your leg 45° to the floor, hold it in this position for 5 seconds then lower down slowly repeat this exercise with your right leg. Repeat on your left side.
Ideally you should do 2 sets of 12 repetitions for each side.

cellulite exercise 1

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Exercise #2

Place your hands on the floor and assume the same position as when doing push-ups.
Bend your right leg and bring your knee to your stomach straighten your leg and lift it five to eight inches off the floor repeat with your left leg how many times should we do it two sets of eight reps

cellulite exercise-2

Exercise #3

Take a dumbbell or kettlebell and stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart, on the inhale start to slowly lower your body by bending your knees. Continue lowering yourself down until your thighs are parallel with the floor then begin to rise exhaling. You should do three sets of 20 reps.

Exercise #4

Take a dumbbell in each hand stand up straight feet shoulder-width apart let’s start to slowly bend your upper torso keeping your back straight, arms hanging down freely, bend forward as low as you can then gradually return to the starting position.
You should perform this exercise five sets of twelve reps. So totally 60 reps, if it sounds a bit too hard,  start with three sets for today so you should only do 36 reps.

cellulite exercises 4

Exercise #5

Stand on your knees and place your hands on the floor keeping your arms straight. start to slowly lift one leg up keeping your back straight. Lift your leg as high as possible and fix it for a few seconds, then return to the starting position continue repeating the exercise alternating between your right and left leg.
Two sets of 15 reps for each leg is our goal

Cellulite exercise 5

Exercise #6

Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, bend your knees, hands behind your head then jump up forcefully throwing your arms and legs apart starfish fashion. Once your feet touch the floor again presume the initial position.

cellulite exercies 6

Well done to achieve results in defeating cellulite quickly carry out the exercises according to the following schedule:

2 days training 1 day break for 2 weeks as a bonus you’ll develop a habit of doing this 10-minute workout every day

How you build muscle

Here is some information form Dr Sam Robins, on what you need to effectively build muscles.


The first ingredient is hormones, before mentioning muscle exercises and food intake, you must have the correct hormones to build muscle.

Your hormones need to be optimized. We are all born with different genetics, so please don’t compare yourself to someone else who might have great genetics and think that there’s something wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with you. Just as some people who are geniuses and have high IQ some people are just born with lots of muscle cells and perfect hormones for building muscle and losing fat.

If you don’t optimize your hormones then anything else you do will not work and obviously be a waste of time effort and money.  In fact the right hormonal environment will make you grow muscle without even doing anything, no exercise no diets or supplements and this is exactly what happens when you hit puberty right all of a sudden you start getting muscular, leaner more aggressive and so forth.

Again it’s all about your hormones and this is why women can do the same exercise the same diet as men and they can’t build as much muscle as men. They just don’t posses the correct hormones.

We will go over the hormone topic shortly, lets first look at the second most important ingredient and that’s exercise.


build muscle cellulite

In order for anyone to build muscle and reduce cellulite, the muscles need to be stimulated by exercise and not just any old exercises but the correct form of exercise which will produce important hormones and growth factors that will build muscle and in order for this to happen you need to lift weights.

The are numerous ways to do this, for example… with dumbbells, barbells, cable machines or just your own body weight, and here’s some things to keep in mind.

Firstly keep your exercise routine to 3 – 4 times per week, don’t over do it. Keep your workouts to about 45 minutes or to a maximum 1 hour.

Work quickly with about 60 to 90 seconds rest between your sets, you also want to squeeze the muscle, don’t just lift it, feel it, contract it, be strict, and go for a good pump.

For your torso and upper body , 6 to 15 repetitions  are recommended and for your legs and lower half, around 10 to 20 reps should be good.

Remember try to push yourself close to failure, or maybe just one repetition short.

Complete about 6 to 10 total sets per muscle and try to mix things up. Do a range of exercise for each body part, this works well so your muscle does not get use to the same exercise time after time, this will also help for cellulit treatment.

And finally be patient it takes time to build muscle and reduce cellulite.

All the above has is to do with optimizing your anabolic hormones such as testosterone growth, peptides and so forth and minimizing your catabolic hormones, cortisol adrenal hormones and so forth.

Now that you’ve stimulated the muscle have produced the right hormones, it’s time to feed your muscles.


So ingredient number two is your diet. It is important to feed your muscles, your workouts may cause you to actually lose muscle, in fact this is what happened to me when I first started out, I thought I would just lift the weights which would automatically build muscle and then eat less food to lose fat.

It makes sense, right? but this doesn’t work out like that and I ended up getting smaller and weaker.

However you don’t need that much food or that much extra food to increase your calories by about 250 to 500 calories daily and see how you look and feel after month.

If you’re not getting fat then good keep increasing the calories or if you are getting fat then lower the calories a little bit. This has to do with your body so listen to it and pay attention as far as what to eat.

Now this can get a little bit confusing at times, most people eat way too much protein. Those who tell you that you need to eat more and more protein are either trying toe sell you protein supplements or they’re just idiots.

The time when you’re growing the fastest and the most in life is when you’re a baby right? and mother’s milk is only about 5 percent protein, 1 cup of mother’s milk is 2.5 grams of protein, the rest is fat and carbs. So that should give you some idea of how much your should consume, the most you’ll ever need is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

So if you weigh 75 kilograms you need 75 grams of protein nothing more. This even includes guys who are taking a ton of steroids.

Your protein should also come from grass fed cows, salmon, whole eggs, whey isolate and also collagen protein, these are my favourites. Whatever you do, no processed meats.

Next you need fats, most people don’t eat enough of good fats or they’re eating too much of the wrong fats. Your diet should be about 25% fat from healthy sources such as coconuts, extra-virgin, macadamia nut oils, raw nuts and seeds and no peanuts or cashews,  avocados are all so good.

Finally you need carbohydrates, stay away from the processed carbs and simple sugars, eat vegetables, white rice and not brown rice. Sweet potatoes, small amounts of fruits, legumes and other whole grains, keep it simple easy and effective .


anti-cellulite-excersises res

The fourth ingredient is rest, now that you’ve stimulated and fed the muscle, you need to rest. It’s just like a baby, you need rest to grow, and as far as sleep, get as much as you need.

Sleep patterns differ from one person to the next, some people need six hours and some people need nine hours, go to bed before midnight and wake up naturally.

Also this means that you don’t go out and play sports every day and party all night and burn out your resources, which is needed to build muscle.

Again rest improves your anabolic hormones and minimizes your catabolic hormones and now we’re come back full circle to your hormones again.

There’s lots of hormones in the body but the main ones that control muscle size is testosterone and no it’s not GH or MFG or IGF and all these different peptides.

Yes there are growth factors such as myosin inhibitors but that’s not something you can control, it’s a genetic thing, so let’s not talk about it.

Testosterone is the hormone that turns a boy into a man, it’s the main hormone that differentiates in quantity for men and women, thus why women can never get as big as men unless they just take lots of steroids which are derived from testosterone.

Now some guys produce more testosterone than others unfortunately all guys produce less testosterone as they hit their mid 20’s and so forth and as they get older.

Sadly not only do we start to produce less testosterone as we get older we also produce more of the negative hormones such as the estrogen cortisol and so forth.

We hope this article has given you more insight into how to build muscle, what to eat and how to rest.