Cellu-Reduction Injector

(aka CR Injector)

Cellulite Treatment with the Cellu-Reduction Injector (aka CR Injector)

The Cellu-Reduction Injector, also know as the CR Injector is a technique for Cellulite Treatment by uniform, metered, subdermal deposition of treating product. A set of 9 needles precisely  positioned by skin vacuum, the CR injector allows precise depth and dosage of product coupled with  the benefits of needling. This reduces the cellulite deposits by shrinking the fat cells below the dermis. This revolutionary system allows the product to be deposited in  the problem area, resulting  in consistent results. A treatment consists of 4 consecutive days of injections into the affected area,  coupled with a anti-cellulite serum, that penetrates through to the cell ulite to further accelerate fat  cell reduction.

What Causes Cellulite?

Despite all best efforts and ongoing investigations worldwide, the actual cause of cellulite remains  unknown. This has hampered past attempts to treat this widespread affliction. Having cellulite  doesn’t mean you are overweight as many thin people are affected. If you are overweight, however,  losing weight may reduce cellulite.  Our ladies are affected in a 9:1 ratio gents. Age is also a factor, with cellul ite mainly appearing after  adolescence. Both these observations implicate hormone levels and ratios prin cipally between  oestrogen, insulin, testosterone and lipases. There is a definite familial lin k, with ladies in a family  showing similar severities despite weight differences.  Sedentary lifestyle and poor diet plays some part, though exactly how strong the correlation is  remains unknown. Repeated dieting, particularly unsustainable fad diets, are a definite  cause. This  results in slowing of the metabolism, and coupled with a lack of physical exercise, an increase in  cellulite. Other factors include dehydration and total body fat percentage.  The anatomy of the thigh and butt fat layer under a ladies skin expla ins the orange peel appearance  of cellulite. Pockets of bulging subdermal fat held between parallel hol ding septae result in the  classical appearance.

A useful grading of Cellulite is;

0 – No cellulite

1 – Cellulite only visible when skin is gently pinched

2 – Cellulite that disappears when lying down (effect of gravity removed)

3 – Cellulite always present

How do you reduce the fatty deposits?

There are many ways to reduce fatty deposits in the body (cellulite treatment), some being more effective than others , though most are of limited benefit and most are temporary . One common method is cellulite creams along with exercise . Mainly incorporating caffeine and phosphodiesterase, these may cause a temp oraryoedema (swelling) and thereby reduce the appearance of cellulite. Deep massage using a variety of implements and techniques has also been used extensively.

Mesotherapy comprises the injection of various substances, with varying success, depending on the  injected substance and degree of micro damage and resulting collagen tightening . Cr Injector is the  next generation in this treatment protocol, with the secret residing in the injectable.

Radiotherapy causes heating and contraction of Collagen, smoothing t he overlying skin.  VelaSmooth® is a non-invasive body smoothing and contouring treatment for cellulite reduction  incorporating massage, as well as Intense pulsed light and radio frequency. Vela Smooth enables you  to safely achieve a toned, contoured and well-shaped body .  Typically, treatments are administered  twice a week for a period of 5 weeks for the best results. This results in making you look and feel  more youthful and have an overall smoother skin. VelaSmooth provides result s without downtime or  discomfort.

The Cellu-Reduction Injector, also know as the CR Injector is a set of  9  needles, the CR injector allows  a uniform, precise depth and dosage of product coupled with the benefits of  needling. This breaks  down the cellulite deposits and the product then shrinks the fat cells below the dermis. The  revolutionary system allows the product to be placed at the problem area, resulting in quicker  results. A treatment consists of 4 consecutive days of injecting the product into the affected area,  coupled with a cellulite serum, that penetrates through to the cellulite  to accelerate the reduction of  the fat cells.

What are fatty deposits?

The skin has different layers which are formulated from fat tissue cells and muscle cell s. When the  accumulation of fat deposits underneath the skin occur, it is important  to know that this is a normal  and natural process. In fact, the fat acts as an insulator to external elements  and helps to prevent  hypothermia. However, the downside of having an excess of fat deposits underneath  the skin  results in cellulite.  The excess fat deposits are held in reserve by the body in the event that t he body needs other  sources of energy. This accumulation of fat is also due to the individual eating more food than what  is required by the body. These fatty deposits, although they look unseemly, are harmless to the  individual with a BMI under 33. Generally, the presence of cellulite due to its appearance does more  to undermine an individual ’s  self-confidence.

How do I Maintain my results?

Consequently, diet can play a very important role in significantly reducing fatty deposits. Therefore,  it is important to eliminate as much as possible saturated and Transfats from  one ’s diet. These types  of fats can be replaced with healthy fats or polyunsaturated fats that can be derived from flax seed  oil, sunflower oil or olive oil. These healthy fats not only enhance  the body ’s metabolism, but are  also heart healthy.  Coupled with diet is the benefit of exercising. It is suggested that an  individual exercise for at least  five days a week at a level the 45 min. per day. This will help to elevate one ’s metabolism and help  to burn off excess fat within the body.

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