AesthetiLogica African Beauty Skin Care Products

A professional range of skin rejuvenation and anti aging creams which utilize the best quality
ingredients specifically designed to address and correct your skin problems.

Hyper Pigmentation

Dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation

Pigmentation Serum is a pigmentation, dark spot and blemish solution, is described as an intensive skin lightening cream which is a natural treatment for pigmentation. The product evens out your skin tone by controlling melanin production which helps prevent skin darkening. It also helps eliminate dark spots, freckles, and blemishes. When used in conjunction with a Glycolic acid skin peel, the results are drastically improved.

Recommended for all skin types to reduce Dark spots, Blemishes and Pigmentation.

Apply twice a day on the problem area.

The combination of the active ingredients and highly concentrated ingredients gently results in illuminating the skin and reducing the dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation.

  1. Alpha Arbutin reduces the looks of spots and hyper-pigmentation.
  2. Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract speeds wound healing, protect against infection, reduce inflammation, and reduce signs of aging.
  3. Kojic Acid and  Licorice – The presence of Kojic Acid and Licorice improve the appearance of uneven skin tone.
  4. Glycolic Acid speeds up exfoliation by removing the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion. Used to treat scaring and skin discoloration, resulting in a brighter fresher looking skin.
  5. Baobab Seed Oil This is an excellent skin moisturize, absorbs quickly without clogging up the pores. The omega 3, 6 and 9 are excellent fatty acids that contribute towards maintaining a healthy skin.

Collagen and Omega Enriched

Anti Aging Cream

Collagen and Omega Enriched, anti-aging cream has been specifically formulated to help protect, prevent and treat the 14 common skin problems resulting from daily skin stress, ageing and dehydration such as pigmentation, dullness, roughness, redness and wrinkles. It contains five concentrated active ingredients for intense moisturizing and anti-ageing benefits.The effectiveness of our anti-aging creams is due to the combinations of the high concentration of active ingredients, sourced from high quality natural ingredients.

Recommended for all skin types to reduce wrinkles, finelines and aged skin.

Apply twice a day to a cleansed face and neck.

  1. The omega 3, 6 and 9 – This is an excellent skin moisturize, absorbs quickly without clogging up the pores are excellent fatty acids that contribute towards maintaining a healthy skin.
  2. Retinol is a vitamin A compound, the first antioxidant to be widely used in nonprescription wrinkle creams. Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals — unstable oxygen molecules that break down skin cells and cause wrinkles.
  3. Sommondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil contains beneficial ingredients, including vitamin E and vitamin B complex. Jojoba improves the feel of skin, and provides a substantial long-acting, 24-hour skin hydration effect. Due to the intense hydration properties, jojoba can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Squalane besides being popularly known for its anti-aging effects, it helps maintain healthy skin. Squalane is rapidly absorbed and spreads easily over the skin surface without leaving an oily or greasy feeling. Squalane is a natural part of human skin and plays an important role in the repair of damaged skin.
  5. Tea extracts – Green, black and oolong tea contain compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea extracts are the ones most commonly found in wrinkle creams, providing the exceptional results.

Cellulite Solution

Anti Cellulite and Firming Serum

applying cellulite creamsCellulite Solution is a high concentrated anti-cellulite and firming serum with 40X higher-quality natural actives in high concentrations, for enhanced synergy and maximum results. Baobab seed oil

being one of the main contributors to the success in our products. Most ingredients are of >95% purity and in liposome form or other fast absorption matrix for enhanced penetration and assimilation by the skin. This is in contrast to the usual one or two cheap active ingredients in low concentrations, found in most anti-cellulite creams.

Recommended for all skin types to reduce
the appearance of cellulite, smooth and firm the skin.
Apply twice a day on the problem area
  1. Caffeine a member of the methylxanthines family, caffeine is thought to increase circulation and promote lipolysis of fat cells. While drinking too much coffee is actually bad for cellulite development, used topically it can be very beneficial.
  2. Retinol a derivative of vitamin A, retinol does a lot of great things for your skin. Around for the last 40 years or so, a ton of clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of retinol cream on wrinkles and skin. As a cellulite treatment, a 0.3% concentration applied twice a day for 6 months has been shown to improve the appearance of cellulite. It works by increasing blood flow and thickening the dermis.
  3. Vitamin C – Studies suggest this important vitamin is crucial to collagen synthesis and has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
  4. Fucus Vesiculosis (Seaweed) Extract which is a form of kelp that has been used medicinally for centuries. The main use of the herb has been for the stimulation of the thyroid gland as a treatment for obesity and cellulite. The high iodine content of the herb stimulates thyroid function which boosts metabolism.
  5. Allantoin helps to soften and protect while actively soothing skin. It also stimulates cell regeneration promoting healthy skin. It comes from an extract from the root of the comfrey plant and is a soothing, non-irritating ingredient that has the ability to help heal the skin and stimulate the growth of healthy tissue.
  6. Euglena Gracilis and Glaucium Flavum Extracts – when combined with caffeine, these substances have been shown in clinical studies to help the body shed adipocytes (fat cells). Users reported some pretty encouraging results in reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  7. Peptides,these are amino acids that serve as the building blocks for collagen and elastin. Those are the things that make up the connective tissue in your skin that becomes weakened and allows for cellulite to show. Research is still ongoing when it comes to peptides but early results look promising.
  8. Baobab Seed Oil this is an excellent skin moisturize, absorbs quickly without clogging up the pores. The omega 3, 6 and 9 are excellent fatty acids that contribute towards maintaining a healthy skin.

Benefits of pure Baobab Seed Oil extract

The baobab tree is native to Africa. The tree is also known as ‘Tree of Life’ because its nutrient-dense fruits act as nourishing food in the dry season. Baobabs produce fruits that are said to be one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Baobab powder, made from the fruits contains more antioxidants that any other fruit in the world, and is being touted as an amazing superfood today. Baobab oil in another extraordinary product produced from the baobab fruit. This has been used by African women for centuries as a natural source of vibrant beauty! The baobab seed oil has a slight golden yellow color and a mild nutty sent.

Baobab seed oil extract contains a wide range of natural healing benefits. One of the most common and efficient ingredients are the omega fatty acids: omega 3, 6 and 9. It is also rich in exotic fatty acids that are rare in other oils. Some of them include:Dihydrosterculic acid, Malvalic acid, Sterculic acid. The baobab oil itself contains: Arachidic acid, Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K.