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Aesthetilogica is part of the Chimera Medical Group. Aesthetilogica offers all the aesthetic treatments from fillers to vampire face lifts. Chimera Surgical offers cosmetics procedures, we have our own licensed theatre and full time plastic surgeon and lastly Nautilus Consultants, which is a medical consulting devision. 

With our large variety of services and products offered across our medical centre, there will be a product for every one. Patients with time constraint to to specific budgets, we will provide you the best options to best meet your needs. You will be in control of the results through the process!


                                                                What we offer


AesthetiLogica, specialises in anti-aging face treatments, pigmentation, anti-cellulite treatments, dermal fillers, neurotoxin injections, laser hair removal and overall heath and fitness programmes, including a full range of medical-grade skin care treatments.

We would love to asses you and your specific needs and provide you with options based on your time and budget. Our range of  products and treatment are safely used  in all age groups and Fitzpatrick skin types.

Anti Aging & Colour Correction

anti aging

Cellulite Treatment


Body Contouring

body contouring

Vascular Lesions

vascular lessions

Acne Scaring & Scaring

acne scaring



Hair Removal

PRP Vampire Facelift

Health & wellness

Health wellness